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Gather Your Coins – Gold. Silver. 40% Silver. 90% Silver. .999+ Fine. Graded Coins.

Bring Them To Spring Hill Gold & Coin ShopVermillion Enterprises – Serving Crystal River.

One of Our Experts will examine your coins. Sorting & Separating your collection. Value will be based on date, mint-mark, condition, and the precious metals value.

Accept Your Offer and Leave With a Smile! We Pay More than any other Coin Shop or Coin Dealer in the area. Period.

we are spring hill gold and coin buyers. vermillion enterprises. servicing hudson, florida 34667, 34669, and 34674

Crystal River Coins – COMMON QUESTIONS


There is Only One True Value To A Coin.

It’s Precious Metal Value vs. Numismatic Value


If your coin is made of a precious metal, such as Gold or Silver AND is not a collectable coin, then the value of that coin is worth it’s weight in that precious metal. This factors in the % of Precious Metal AND how many ounces or fractions of a troy ounce, it weighs.



If your coin is made of a precious metal but is also a highly sought after or collector coin, with a higher value than it’s precious metals value, then the coin is worth the numismatic value. Which can mean EXTRA money in your pocket.

Do I Have To Sell To You?

The Answer is No. We offer free appraisals. Our goal isn’t to make a sale. Our goal is to educate the public. We will gladly evaluate your coins, explain what you have, and advise its worth. Regardless of whether or not you sell to us. You can decide what, if anything, you choose to sell to us. There is NO obligation. NO hassle. NO fuss.

What Coins Do You Sell?

There’s NO trick answer here! We Buy & Sell Gold & Silver Coins. Graded Numismatic Coins. Junk Coins (40% Silver), 90% Silver Coins, Some Collector Coins, and Investment Grade Coins. Check out a few of our options below!

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